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JKMSL – Surveys & GIS Mapping (Geographic Information System)
If you are in the process of buying or selling a property or piece of land and you have concerns that there may be the presence of Japanese Knotweed, it is well worth acting at the earliest point and contact JKMSL to identify your concerns and establish the presence of Japanese Knotweed with a survey of the property or land.
We can evaluate the property/site and detail our findings with photographic evidence along with detailed reports as to our findings and in the case of an Invasive weed being evident like Japanese Knotweed advice accordingly on a management plan. We take into consideration the surroundings and any neighbouring properties that will factor into the program of works that maybe required to eradicate/remove or relocate the invasive weed for treatment.
In some cases, we will map the area of infestation using the latest software apps on tablets/phones to ensure the precise location is logged, this information can be extremely useful when excavation and relocation of spoil is required on larger sites, this information also forms part of our warranty of works.

We understand that an invasive weed that has already been identified within a properties boundary or within an adjoining piece of land by a property survey can send out alarm bells and put a grinding halt to the process from the lenders when purchasing or selling a property. So we aim to act quickly and produce the detailed report and relevant information within 24 hours of the initial site survey.


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