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Invasive Weeds – RESIDENTIAL

Presently, Japanese Knotweed & Giant Hogweed are the highest profiled invasive weeds. Japanese Knotweed is a major headache in the residential mortgage market, whilst Giant Hogweed causes great health issues to anyone who encounters it.

The increased public awareness and media interest is making Japanese Knotweed one more barrier to obtaining a mortgage and delaying a sale/purchase. Mortgage lenders are taking a much stronger stance when Japanese Knotweed has been present in a properties boundaries or adjacent land. The value of many homes is lowering as quick as this invasive weed is growing.

At JKMSL we can implement a management plan to ensure any planned sale or purchase can still be achieved. We can advise on your situation considering all variables, put together a site-specific action plan and costings to eradicate/treat the infestation backed by a warranty. Once the schedule of works has commenced, a mortgage can then be agreed and the sale/purchase can proceed.

Early identification and implementation of a treatment program is very important. Our operatives are available for advice via telephone or email.  If you require clarification on Invasive weeds, you can send a picture by email or text along with your details and we can advise accordingly.

Invasive Weeds – COMMERCIAL

JKMSL’s experience in dealing with development sites ensures all deadlines and legal responsibilities are met. Environmental impact and health & safety issues are a number one priority.  Understanding all the issues when working on a development site help us put forward a management plan that fulfills the customers’ requirements.

Management of invasive weeds can be undertaken during any stage of a development site.  We recommend sites are surveyed at the earliest opportunity, this enables all methods of removal and treatment can be considered. The early identification allows us to work closely with the contractors on site to ensure works can carry on without the fear of further contamination across site incurring additional costs and in some severe situations, putting a stop to proceedings.

Early identifications and management plan are a priority. To arrange a comprehensive survey with GIS Mapping & full reports call or email.

Clearance Works

At JKMSL we like to be able to offer complete solutions to sites requiring preparation works to enable planned developments or extended building works to go ahead. Limiting the number of contractors you need to deal with, speeds up the process and reduces costs. Whether it’s a residential property that needs hedges, trees or other vegetation removed for a planned extension or a large overgrown development site, we can install a team of trained operatives to clear the areas as required.

Tree Works

Using JKMSL’s network of operatives including tree surgeons, we can offer tree works including tree felling, tree reduction & stump grinding. In many cases, there is the need for tree works as well as vegetation clearance and invasive weed treatment on one site prior to development.
Tree reduction is done in such a way to reduce the crown of the tree to a certain level that it is still acceptable for the tree’s health while enhancing its appearance and creating more light if needed.  In some circumstances it is to ensure your safety in your garden by removing dead, dying or diseased branches.

Tree Felling

Tree felling/removal can be a requirement for developments to go ahead or in some cases to remove crowded spaces to allow a correct number to grow and prosper in the space available. Trees that are dying or damaged by bad weather can cause a hazard so maybe be required to be removed for safety reasons.
Stump grinding is undertaken to remove the tree stump from below ground level from a tree previously fell allowing the area to be re-used for development or replanting.


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