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Herbicide (Chemical)

One of the cheapest treatments and means of eradication of an invasive weed is to use a herbicide which can be applied via a knapsack in the form of a spray or via injection directly into the plants stem. The plant will need to be in full foliage for this method to be effective and to ensure the plant takes in the chemical along with its nutrients the dosage needs to be set so that the plant will translocate the chemical around its root system. This treatment is applied several times during the growing season and over several years for Japanese Knotweed. This method of eradication is time consuming but offers the lowest cost and is the least intrusive of methods, this tends to be implemented when the area infected is not under redevelopment or any building works are planned.

Muck Away

Sometimes there is the need particularly on small sites to excavate and remove to landfill the spoil containing invasive weeds, this is a very expensive due to the high taxes applied. This method is not the most environmentally friendly option but sometimes timescales for developments and the lack of space to consider relocation on site means this is sometimes the only option. All muck away is done under a strict watch & brief by our trained operatives to ensure that all contaminated spoil is removed to landfill but also no unnecessary soil is removed from site. This method is done under a strict management plan to ensure no further contamination across site by overloaded vehicles causing spillage, direct routes for transporting across site and cleaning down of vehicles are all measures that need to be adhered.

Root Barrier/Cell Burial

In some cases, there is the need to install a root barrier/membrane along boundaries to stop the spread of any root system from one property to another. Boundary issues can be problematic so the use of a root barrier can ensure keeping your property or land clear of an invasive weed growing on adjoining land. The same barrier can also be used to create a sealed cell buried underground encapsulating all the spoil which is relocated to another area onsite to allow the continuation of any building works within the original area of infestation.


On larger sites, there is the option to excavate & relocate invasive weed spoil to a lay-down area away from the area of development and treat with a chemical. This option allows you to continue with the planned development of the site while using the cheaper option of eradication.


Using plant machinery, the soil can be screened & sifted to remove the root and rhizomes from the soil to reduce the amount of waste material needing to go to a licenced landfill, which in turn will reduce the overall cost.

All program of works is site specific, on some larger sites a combination of some of the above options can be used. We would recommend a survey for all sites, although the above gives you a guide as to the options available the surroundings and future plans for each site form part of the information required to put the correct management plan in place, this will ensure the correct service/treatment and relevant costs are put forward and ensure all costs are transparent.


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